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Whether you are looking to save money, improve the comfort and value of your home or help protect our environment, we can help! 

Boulder County works to make sustainability accessible to all which is why we offer energy upgrades and high efficiency toilet upgrades to income qualified homeowners at a greatly reduced cost or completely free. Single family (attached and detached) owner-occupied homes are eligible. This includes town, row, and mobile homes.

These income qualified services are available thanks to Boulder County, EnergySmart, and Longs Peak Energy Conservation. 

50% off Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Get 50% off energy efficiency upgrades in your home. Upgrades could include an energy efficient furnace, insulation, air sealing, and more.

** All available 2017 EnerySmart IQ energy efficiency funds have been exhausted. Contact your EnergySmart Advisor for more details. (rev. 11/3/2017)


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High-Efficiency Toilet Upgrade

** All This program has concluded for 2017. Contact your EnergySmart Advisor for more details. (rev.12/6/2017)

Save thousands of gallons of water per year and reduce your water bill by qualifying for a free toilet and installation today!


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“My family room was always frigid, but after EnergySmart helped me improve my attic insulation and seal my front door, it is so much more comfortable now. The heat comes on much less frequently and even the floor tiles by the door are less cold to the touch. And, thanks to the aerator devices EnergySmart helped me install, my water bill is much lower. I am definitely on the EnergySmart bandwagon and have been recommending the program to all my friends.”


EnergySmart and Elevations Credit Union are working together to offer Elevations Energy Loans to homes and businesses. An Energy Loan can help you achieve a more efficient, comfortable, and affordable home.

An Energy Loan can be used for a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades including insulation, air sealing, heating, cooling, water heating, windows, and solar PV.

Interest rates start as low as 2.75%. Loans can be paid in part or in full with zero prepayment penalty. Energy Loans can be combined with rebates to fully fund your home upgrades.

This exciting financing is available to residents in all Boulder County and City & County of Denver communities for qualified energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in existing buildings. LEARN MORE 

Similar Energy Loans are available for businesses in Boulder County. Please note: any contractor currently listed in Xcel Energy's Trade Partner listing is eligible for Energy Loans and EnergySmart advisor assistance.



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