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Who: EnergySmart will occasionally sponsor optional developmental courses.
These may be beneficial to managers, office staff, and others.  

What: Courses / series may include all aspects of business: legal, finance, sales, hiring and more. 

Registration: hosted through the Colorado Green Building Guild.

The City of Boulder requires all rental housing to meet an energy efficiency standard by 2019. EnergySmart offers free assistance in achieving SmartRegs compliance.


NEW! Electric Vehicle Advising

EnergySmart is now offering Electric Vehicle Advising services to all residents in Boulder County! Call 303.544.1000 to speak with your EnergySmart Advisor today. If you are curious or have been considering purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle, your EnergySmart advisor can now:

  • Analyze your driving needs and determine which vehicles are a good fit
  • Answer your questions about electric vehicles and electric hybrids
  • Explain charging options for at home, on the road, and at work
  • Integrate solar into your electric vehicle decision-making process
  • Explain local incentives, state tax credits, and federal rebates
  • Help you make your car as efficient as your home
  • Share this pdfElectric Vehicle Resource brochure with interested family, friends, and co-workers today!


 EV Banner

Who: Required for every air sealing / insulation installer doing work for EnergySmart.
Those already holding BPI certification are exempt.

What: This 2-day technical training is offered at no cost to enrolled EnergySmart contractors.
Training includes one classroom day and one day of practical field training. 

Registration: managed by the Contractor Manager shortly after your acceptance to EnergySmart.
It is your responsibility to inform the Contractor Manager of any new staff needing training.


Cost: FREE.

If you have already had a home energy audit from another source (such as Xcel Energy), you can take advantage of EnergySmart’s rebates, financing, and expert Advisor assistance for free.

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