EnergySmart helps homes and businesses in all Boulder County communities to become more comfortable and energy efficient. An Advisor can answer your questions, help prioritize projects, connect you with contractors, find and apply for all incentives and low-interest financing, and make energy upgrades easier and more affordable!

EnergySmart is designed to stimulate local economic growth, increase energy efficiency investment in Boulder County and advance the state's energy independence through energy upgrades. EnergySmart is a collaborative partnership with Boulder County, the City of Boulder, the City of Longmont and the local utilities, Xcel Energy and Platte River Power Authority.

EnergySmart was initially funded by a $12.5 million, 3-year grant from the U.S. Department of Energy's BetterBuildings Program. The grant goals of at least 10,000 homes and 3,000 businesses served by the end of 2013 were successfully achieved. Of the original grant funds, $7.1 million continues to be held in a loan-loss reserve supporting $35 million in financing for home and business energy improvements. EnergySmart will continue with local funding to expand services beyond energy efficiency to also assist residents and businesses with water conservation, recycling and composting.


Getting Started

What will my Advisor do for me?
Your Advisor helps with every step on your way to saving energy and money. Your advisor will:

• Perform a brief energy assessment of your business or commercial property

• Review your energy-saving opportunities and help make a plan to reach your goals

• Help you find contractors and evaluate bids

• Uncover all government and utility rebates and financing options for your upgrade

How do I get started? How can I start saving money?
If you aren’t sure where to begin, call an Advisor at 303.786.7223 to schedule an energy assessment or consultation. If you already have a project and contractor identified, you will need to call an Advisor (prior to beginning work) to ensure that your project will qualify for all available rebates and financial incentives. The assessment and advising are FREE to all businesses throughout Boulder County.

Do I have to get an energy assessment?
An energy assessment is not required to talk with an Advisor or to apply for financing. However, energy assessments help to identify and prioritize energy efficiency projects, so we recommend them for all businesses (at no cost). Call an Advisor at 303.786.7223 to discuss your options.

Property Eligibility

Is my property or business eligible for the EnergySmart service?
The EnergySmart service is available to commercial and institutional properties within Boulder County (including non-profits, manufacturing facilities and multifamily housing). Public and government institutions are not eligible for EnergySmart services.

Call an Advisor at 303.786.7223 to discuss whether your property and project are eligible. Your Advisor can help identify the utility rebates and financing options available.

What about mixed-use properties or multifamily buildings with residential and commercial space?
If you are a resident (homeowner or tenant) or a property manager (where units have residential utility meters) in an apartment, duplex, triplex, condo or townhome, you should call the EnergySmart hotline that specializes in services and rebates available for multifamily and mixed-use properties at 303-544-1000.

If you are calling as a property manager (or HOA) where the property has commercial utility meters, please contact an Advisor at 303.786.7223 to find out if your property qualifies for energy efficiency rebates and/or financing for upgrades.

Choosing a Contractor

Do I have to use an EnergySmart contractor? How do I find a contractor?
Businesses may work with any vendor or contractor for project installations. However, businesses must contact an Advisor prior to the installation of energy efficiency measures in order to be eligible for EnergySmart rebates.

Contractors listed on the EnergySmart website have demonstrated their interest in helping businesses complete energy-efficient projects and apply for funding from utility rebate programs and the EnergySmart incentives. Boulder County makes no representations or warranties regarding accuracy of information, quality of service, or proof of insurance for any contractor on this list. It is strongly recommended that businesses obtain 2-3 bids for a project and specify that they want a project to qualify for rebates. Contractors can also contact an Advisor at 303.786.7223 if they have questions about qualifying equipment. VIEW CONTRACTOR LISTS


Are the EnergySmart rebates available for new construction?
No, the rebates are only available for retrofits to existing buildings. Please contact an Advisor at 303.786.7223 to determine whether your project is eligible.

What rebates are available?
Rebates for energy-efficient upgrades are available from many sources, including local goverments and utilities. Your Advisor will help you identify all incentives and financing specific to the project in your business or commercial property. READ MORE

How do I qualify for renewable energy rebates?
Rebates for renewable energy are available to businesses that demonstrate a Portfolio Manager (PM) score of 60 or greater. If the business cannot show a PM of 60 or greater (either because the score is less than 60 or PM does not issue a score for the business type), an Advisor can work with the business to identify a list of efficiency measures that must be implemented prior to being eligible for a rebate for renewables. Call an Advisor at 303.786.7223 for more information.

Can I reserve an EnergySmart rebate?
Businesses can reserve rebate dollars for projects by submitting a contractor bid to their Advisor, pending funding availability. You are encouraged to contact an Advisor at 303.786.7223 early in the process to ensure your project qualifies for all available rebates.

I applied for a rebate three weeks ago, where is my rebate check?
Rebates take 6 to 8 weeks to process. Please contact your Advisor at 303.786.7223 to check the status of your rebate.

Energy Loans

Does EnergySmart offer loans?
Residential and commercial property owners in Boulder County are eligible for energy loans offered in partnership with Elevations Credit Union. These low interest loans are available for energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. Business energy loan rates start at 3.75% for a three year term and go up from there based on loan term and borrower's credit score. The loan program launched August 8, 2012. READ MORE

Does EnergySmart offer tax advice?
No, EnergySmart does not offer tax advice. However, you are encouraged to contact a tax consultant as there are federal tax incentives available.

Local Resources

What are other local resources for businesses?
Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) is your one-stop-shop for business sustainability in Boulder County. PACE provides expert advisor services, financial incentives, do-it-yourself resources, and a certification program to help businesses measure and gain recognition in the areas of energy, waste, water, and transportation. This service is offered at no cost to the business community.

Certifiably Green Denver provides free, confidential, non-regulatory environmental assistance to Denver's business community. The program helps businesses find opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability while minimizing environmental liability through pollution prevention. Sustainability advisors are provided at no cost and begin by identifying ways to conserve through a comprehensive assessment.

Small Business Development Center network is dedicated to helping small businesses achieve their goals by providing confidential counseling and various training programs.

Colorado Green Building Guild is a non-profit trade organization representing a wide range of green building leaders. The guild offers resources to consumers and green building professionals.


Who are EnergySmart partners?

Boulder County
Bringing it all together

Boulder County, in partnership with the cities of Boulder and Longmont, offers the EnergySmart service to residents and businesses. EnergySmart helps homes and businesses in all Boulder County communities become more comfortable and energy efficient.

Boulder County initially received $12 Million in funding from a 3-year U.S. Department of Energy grant to develop EnergySmart. The grant goals of 10,000 homes and 3,000 businesses served by the end of 2013 were successfully achieved. Of the original grant funds, and in partnership with Elevations Credit Union, $7.1 million continues to be held in a loan-loss reserve supporting $35 million in financing for home and business energy improvements.

EnergySmart continues with local funding from Boulder County and the cities to expand services beyond energy efficiency to also assist residents and businesses with water conservation, recycling and composting. EnergySmart reflects several Boulder County guiding values, including responsible environmental stewardship for current and future generations, and to improve services through innovation, collaboration and creativity.

Boulder County Public Health

Working with businesses to be EnergySmart

Boulder County Public Health designed and administers the Commercial EnergySmart service. Advisors work with businesses to identify energy-saving opportunities and take advantage of incentives and financing to upgrade to more efficient and better performing equipment. Boulder County Public Health has been working with businesses in Boulder County for nearly 20 years to achieve energy, waste, water, and other sustainability goals through the award-winning Partners for A Clean Environment (PACE) program.

City of Boulder, Local Environmental Action Division (LEAD)
Laying the groundwork for local climate action

In 2006, the City of Boulder staff and community developed a Climate Action Plan (CAP) to serve as a roadmap for achieving Boulder’s emissions reduction goals. One program concept that originated from Boulder’s CAP focused on eliminating barriers to property owners making energy efficiency improvements to their buildings, a program design originally known as “Two Techs and a Truck.” With the help of the grant and collaboration with Boulder County and the City of Longmont, “Two Techs and a Truck” expanded into EnergySmart, while still addressing these same barriers. The City of Boulder continues to contribute CAP tax funds to support EnergySmart for both residents and businesses in the city. LEARN MORE ABOUT LEAD SERVICES

City of Longmont
Improving services for Longmont residents

In April of 2010, the City of Longmont was awarded $325,000 from the DOE's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program. To maximize resources and offer consistent, county-wide energy efficiency programs, Longmont has designated this funding to supplement the EnergySmart program, increasing services already in place for Longmont utility customers. LEARN MORE ABOUT EFFICIENCY WORKS FOR BUSINESSES


Who are the supporting program consultants?

Populus Sustainable Design Consulting
Helping homeowners and landlords get EnergySmart

Populus is a residential energy efficiency consulting firm based in Boulder, Colorado. Populus has worked with municipalities throughout the West to design and implement residential sustainability programs and green building codes for both existing and new homes, including the nation's first performance-based energy code for rental housing. Populus works with Boulder County to administer the Residential EnergySmart services.

ICF International
Behind the numbers (and the Kilowatt Kidz)

ICF, one of the world's leading management and analytical consulting firms, assists clients in managing the world's natural, physical, economic and community resources in a sustainable way. ICF works with Boulder County to manage and analyze the program participation and energy consumption data from the EnergySmart program. Through the use of ICF's Strategic Intelligence Management System (SIMS), energy usage trends are analyzed to quantify the actual energy savings and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions resulting from the energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements being made to Boulder County homes and businesses.

ICF also helped develop the Kilowatt Kidz program in collaboration with Boulder County, Eco-Cycle and educators in the Boulder Valley School District. The Kilowatt Kidz program is a hands-on, place-based 4th and 5th grade energy education program that is aimed at improving energy literacy for young scholars in Boulder County.

Rebate processing

Cypress is processing residential and commercial EnergySmart rebates. Cypress receives rebate applications from EnergySmart Advisors and processes them before sending rebate checks to customers.

Cadmus Group

The Cadmus Group, a national consulting firm, worked with EnergySmart during its first year to develop our name, logo, and branding, as well as a research-based marketing and outreach plan.

Walden Hyde
The creative design

Walden Hyde has helped with the creative design of EnergySmart videos, ads, and the current website. They are credited with the clean and innovative look of our marketing campaign.

Other Questions

Other questions?

You are welcome to call us directly at 303.786.7223 to get your answer quickly. Otherwise please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check out more info in our video library