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An Advisor can help develop a plan to prioritize the upgrades in your commercial properties in Boulder County to maximize savings and incentives. Call 303.786.7223 to schedule an appointment.



Green Leasing

Green Leasing is the process of integrating green elements into lease negotiations. These elements include resource- and energy-efficient building design, equipment, and operations.

  • The Green Lease Library offers language on energy-aligned lease clauses that can be inserted into commercial leases. READ MORE
  • The City of Boulder, using the Climate Action Plan tax funds, created a Green Lease that can ensure energy efficiency and other money saving and space enhancing projects get completed. VIEW THE SAMPLE GREEN LEASE
  • The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) offers a commercial lease guide. The guide helps property professionals execute a lease that addresses building operations and performance to maintain an energy efficient and high performance property. READ MORE

Commercial Broker Energy Efficiency Education Program

The City of Boulder offers a Commercial Broker Energy Efficiency Education program a few times a year. Based on feedback from the March 2013 workshop, 9-10 brokers absolutely recommend this class to their colleagues. If you are a commercial broker that wants to learn more about high performance buildings and how to market them, contact Elizabeth Vasatka at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Letter to Tenants

EnergySmart drafted a letter for your use to communicate your support for your tenants’ participation in EnergySmart.  We have seen great success in using this letter to help tenants understand the benefits of participating in EnergySmart services as well as to understand your support for their participation.  DOWNLOAD THE LETTER


All rental property in the City of Boulder must meet an energy efficiency standard by 2019. LEARN MORE

Commercial Energy Rating Pilot Program

The City of Boulder launched an energy rating pilot program for existing commercial properties in Boulder in September 2012. The pilot program report is now available. LEARN MORE


When the opportunity presented itself to upgrade the lighting in our building while taking advantage of the excellent rebates being offered by both Xcel Energy and Boulder County we decided that it was an opportunity that we could not in good conscience pass on. The lighting upgrade has provided the building with new state of the art lighting fixtures which will help with maintenance, provide better light quality and reduce the energy consumed in this property. We believe this will further improve Tenant enjoyment while at the same time reduce their utility costs and energy consumption. Overall we viewed this as a win-win situation.

We wanted to become "more green" and lessen our carbon footprint. And we wanted to save money, if possible, on our energy costs. We saw a 30% decrease in energy bills--this project has been saving us between $1,000 - $1,200/month in energy costs! The quality of the new lights is better than we had before--it is a cleaner light.