Ogle Family EnergySmart customersOGLE FAMILY | LOUISVILLE
"EnergySmart provided us with a list of recommended contractors, provided great information on which to base our decisions and coached us on where various rebates were available. They made the process of making energy efficiency improvements to our home easy and fun!"

"Boulder County EnergySmart goes beyond simply encouraging energy efficiency. They provide a start-to-finish concierge experience with very responsive service and an entirely on-line process that is simple and painless. Boulder County residents are very fortunate to have access to such an effective and efficient program."

Sue Marcott EnergySmart customerSUE MARCOTT | LONGMONT
“Geoff, my EnergySmart Advisor, was so helpful with getting the rebates that were available for my new refrigerator! My EnergySmart experience was wonderful!”



Diedre Pai Family PhotoDIEDRE PAI | BOULDER
“EnergySmart helped us to really rein in our wasted energy by targeting specific things to upgrade. Everyone we interacted with was fantastic. The best part of EnergySmart was having an expert to guide us in making strategic decisions about our energy use. I loved being able to ask our Energy Advisor what she would do. She was a huge help for us. THANK YOU- it's a great program!”



"The money I paid for the EnergySmart service was the best money spent. The Advisor helped me prioritize projects, find qualified contractors, and access rebates and financing - it is hard to find this kind of resource. They took the time to check on available rebates and my Advisor helped me review a couple contractor bids. All of this was a huge help."


“Our Energy Advisor, Jeff, was very helpful and streamlined the whole process. We really appreciated knowing that our contractors were qualified to work on our house.”



"We can really recommend EnergySmart. They did an energy audit, which was really helpful to give us some ideas for future updates. We even got a bunch of free LED light bulbs. They helped us find contractors that are really good and reliable. We have taken advantage of Tune-Up rebates over the last couple years. They always have the newest information about the availability of those and any other rebates, and process them for you. They have an amazing customer service, and reply to you within hours with answers to any questions you might have. A wonderful, helpful and useful program! Way to go, hope it keeps going! Thanks a lot for everything!"


Mary Neal homeMARY N. | BOULDER
“I thought I was just getting an energy audit but it has been much more than that. The energy advisor is a great service - helping me understand the results of the audit, helping me prioritize what work to do first, providing me a list of contractors and then helping me to understand the various bids, letting me know of rebates and helping me with the paperwork. It has been the most cost-effective investment I've ever made for my house.”


"I didn't expect a big difference after completing the attic and wall insulation, but I am positively surprised to notice our furnace running less and have a much more balanced temperature in the master bedroom and living room. I look forward to contacting EnergySmart when we're ready to perform further upgrades."

"EnergySmart helped me air seal and insulate my attic last summer, but the proof in the pudding didn't come about until the very hot summer we're having now. Before the EnergySmart improvements in my tri-level home, the upstairs would get so hot that I had to suck out the hot air with the attic fan and then blast the a/c to even make it bearable enough to sleep. Now, the upstairs is barely warmer than the downstairs when I get home from work, even with this incredibly hot summer! My house has definitely been more comfortable."

“ We planned to replace a sliding door on our home, so I had EnergySmart come up for an energy audit/consultation. It was pretty cool because the first thing the Advisor did was to offer to replace (for free) any/all of our lightbulbs with the CFL type, plus gave us a free shower head. I got about 20 bulbs for free plus they are definitely bright enough for reading!"

"Our mountain house was self-built in 1978 by someone with little experience, and though we completely renovated it in 2000, it was still energy wasteful. We were pleased with the consultation and testing that Geoff and Megan did--everything made sense to us and the choices and costs were clear. We got estimates from three contractors on the list that Geoff provided. Each contractor offered different solutions to our major problems, and we chose the one that fit our needs. Nate Burger and his crew did the work in an efficient way and we are very happy with the results. The rebates will amount to one-third of the total cost, which is great. We would definitely recommend EnergySmart to anyone who wants to improve their energy savings."


DON WAIT | BOULDER Rental Prop. Owner
“EnergySmart is a very positive and easy way to help minimize energy waste. Sally, our energy advisor, was very helpful and she suggested the best path to meet the 2018 [SmartRegs] compliance goals. The upgrades were installed with minimal disruption to the current tenants. Boulder has done an excellent job of making this program easy to understand and implement.”

“My family room was always frigid, but after EnergySmart helped me improve my attic insulation and seal my front door, it is so much more comfortable now. The heat comes on much less frequently and even the floor tiles by the door are less cold to the touch. And, thanks to the aerator devices EnergySmart helped me install, my water bill is much lower. I am definitely on the EnergySmart bandwagon and have been recommending the program to all my friends.”

“I have been more than pleased with the opportunities I have received through EnergySmart. They have made it so easy to feel I am contributing to creating a better environment. I have purchased energy efficient appliances - and have received money back for that! In addition, I checked out the efficiency of my central air conditioning and also will receive a rebate for that. I highly recommend taking advantage of EnergySmart!”

“It was so easy to use EnergySmart. My Advisor really kept me on track: sent me everything I needed, called to check if I'd done things, reminded me when it was time to file the rebate. The rebate covered the cost of the furnace tune-up, something I hadn't had done in eight years living in this house.”


JOE ROBERTS, CEM, CRS, MBA, PE (Owner, Roberts & Sons, LLC)
“ I'm impressed with the detail of the energy assessment that was completed on my home of 26 years in Boulder County. It seemed like a good investment for $120...I was was worth 5 to 10 times that cost! I have already started making many of the suggested changes, like adding insulation and sealing our attic access covers. Thank you for your help and your concern for our environment!”

“I can't say enough about how helpful this program and its workers have been to me. I hope Boulder County continues this program. I will definitely refer them to my friends.”

“Having [an Advisor] is great. The process is so detailed and can be overwhelming even for an interested citizen. The relaxed, informed "we can find that out" attitude of Greg has been great. As a trained architect, all manner of things I could not find answers to--he has helped me with. And I appreciate having actual measurements & hard data to use to make choices.”


“I had an energy assessment and insulation done for my condo through the EnergySmart service. The homeowners association coordinated among all the condos and paid for the basic insulation. I got the rebate. I live on the top floor and it gets hot in the summer. I paid to double the insulation so my place is sealed tight. I noticed that my air conditioner doesn’t have to run as hard or long as it did previously. I’m sure it will save me a lot in the long run.”


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