SmartRegs is a City of Boulder ordinance and is not required for any other city or town within Boulder County.

The SmartRegs Ordinance requires all rental housing in the City of Boulder to meet a basic standard for energy efficiency by 2019.

EnergySmart makes getting SmartRegs compliant easier and more affordable. Don’t miss out on:

  • Expert advice on the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures
  • Assistance with contractor selection and scheduling, and rebate paperwork
  • Up to 7 compliance points for FREE energy-saving light bulbs and showerheads

If you are a tenant in the City of Boulder, find out if your rental property has achieved SmartRegs compliance by searching on the Licensed Rental Property Search.

Steps to Become SmartRegs Compliant

Schedule a SmartRegs inspection with a SmartRegs G-Licensed Inspector.

Connect with an Energy Advisor for FREE. SIGN UP for EnergySmart or Call: 303.544.1001. From the inspection, your Advisor helps you find out how many points you currently have, the most cost-effective measures to achieve compliance, financing options and all eligible SmartRegs, EnergySmart, and Xcel Energy rebates.

Steps to Become SmartRegs Compliant

Your Advisor then helps you select the right contractor from a pre-qualified list. They can help you sort through bids and make sure that your contractor knows what you need. Finally, your Advisor can help you with the rebate and financing paperwork.

After earning 100 points, a re-inspection is required. After the re-inspection, you’ll receive an updated Rental License showing SmartRegs compliance!