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Town of Nederland and Boulder County offer $1,000 in rebates for solar!

  • Nederland residents, install solar on your home or rental property in 2019 and receive a total of $1,000 in solar rebates!
  • To be eligible, enroll in EnergySmart by calling 303.544.1000 or sign up today (Additional details).

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  • Use EnergySmart’s list to connect with qualified contractors and begin the process going solar today.

EnergySmart Qualified Contractors

Website: BugletSolar.com

Phone: 303.903.9119

Our mission is to meet human electricity needs through solar power. Harnessing renewable energy is a common-sense way for individuals and businesses to increase quality of life, save money, reduce impact and improve the human condition.

Buglet specializes in custom-designed and installed solar systems for residences and businesses through the state of Colorado. They are proud of their work with all types of photovoltaic (PV) solar systems–grid-tie, grid-tie battery backup, off-grid, and car-charging stations.  Buglet designs their own systems, conducts installations personally, and backs it up with a warranty on their workmanship.

Website: SolarIPS.com

Phone: 303.443.0115

Since 1996 our professional team has been designing and installing economical, aesthetically pleasing and self-sustaining renewable energy systems for residential and commercial customers in Bozeman, Montana; Boulder, Colorado; and the north Boston area of Massachusetts.

IPS’ mission is to provide the highest quality solar PV design & installations using state-of-the-art equipment for the purpose of making this technology the best source for home and business power.

Website: NamasteSolar.com

Phone: 303.447.0300

Namasté Solar is about more than helping homeowners and commercial property owners save money with solar. We’re here to prove there is a better way to do business; one where you can make a profit and a difference. When you choose Namasté Solar, you’re amplifying your impact by working with an employee-owned, local Colorado company that has passed the rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency required to become a Certified B Corporation.

Website: photonbrothers.com

Phone number: 720.370.3344

Photon Brothers brings quality craftsman solar installations to residential and commercial Colorado customers. We are a family owned business with operations headed by a Master Electrician providing our customers with the piece of mind to invest in the future of their home and the planet. Customers service comes first with an easy sign-up process and fast installation.  Photon Brothers provides our clients with many choices of solar panels and financial products to work with everyone’s budget.

Enroll in EnergySmart

  • Work with an energy advisor to learn more about going solar. Sign up now here.
  • Your advisor can also answer questions about home energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and more.
  • Use this online tool for some guidance and insights if you are considering going solar.

Why Enroll:

  • Keep it local – EnergySmart has just added a new list of pre-qualified solar contractors, to help you find the most dependable solar installers in your area.
  • Free Advising – Don’t know quite how to move forward? A free energy advisor can help you understand more and resource yourself.
  • It’s tried and true – EnergySmart has successfully helped over 18,000 homes.

Why Go Solar Now?


  • There is only 1 year left to get a 30% tax deduction. The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers a tax deduction to residents who install rooftop solar PV. However, in order to get the best deal, construction must begin by the end of 2019.
  • Solar is the cheapest it has ever been – In 2018, the Solar Industries Association (SEIA) reported that the price to install solar has reached a historical low, plummeting 70% since 2010.
  • Stabilize you energy bills – The price of utility energy changes. Installing solar on your home gives you more control over how much you pay each month.
  • EnergySmart has just added a new Pre-Qualified List of Solar Installers to assist you in finding high-quality, cost-effective contractors in your area.


  • Boulder County is already experiencing the impact of climate change in the form of reduced snowpack, earlier snowmelt, high intensity wildfires, extreme weather events, and high heat days.
  • Go electric – By installing solar you have the opportunity to provide fossil-free power to more than just your home (electric cars, e-bikes, etc.)
  • Keep your community healthy – energy powered by the sun reduces air pollution and contributes toward a healthier and more resilient community.
  • Be the change – Residential and commercial buildings account for 60% of emissions in Boulder County, one way you can help keep Colorado clean is by switching to renewable energy.