Comfort in 3 Easy Steps


Benefits of FREE Energy Advising

Personal Energy Advisor

Have questions about how to be more comfortable in your home, how to save money, or who to work with? Your personal energy adviser will answer all these questions and more.

Access to Rebates

Save money by taking advantage of any and all EnergySmart, utility, and manufacturer rebates! Combine these with low interest financing to fund your energy efficient upgrades.

Connect with Contractors

An expert EnergySmart Advisor can help you collect and understand bids from our pre-qualified contractor list.

We Can Help You With

Renewable Energy

Explore and invest in solar for your rooftop! Your expert EnergySmart advisor will help you learn if your house is a good fit for solar, what incentives exist, and how to get started.

Energy Efficiency

We provide services for all things energy efficient. If you would like to save money by reducing energy waste, improve comfort of your home, create a healthy living environment, and reduce your environmental footprint call today to get started.
Rebate Dollars Awarded


Free Phone-Advising Service

Cost: FREE

Do you have questions for a home energy expert but aren’t sure you’d like a full home assessment? Call today to get the conversation started and decide later! FREE phone advising can help:

  • Answer questions about your home and get tips based on results from similar homes
  • Help you find and access rebates and low-interest financing
  • Help connect you with a trusted and trained contractor (if desired)

This option does NOT include a Home Energy Assessment, a recommendations report, or any direct installs of quick energy-savings devices.

Home Energy Assessment

Cost $185 (value $450)

EnergySmart will complete a Home Energy Assessment, then pair you with an expert Energy Advisor, who will:

  • Install FREE energy and water-saving items
  • Provide and explain a report on your home’s energy use
  • Help determine the most cost-effective home improvements
  • Explain results from radon, carbon monoxide and natural gas leak testing (to help keep your household safe)
  • Help you get and evaluate bids from qualified contractors
  • Help you find and apply for rebates and financial incentives
  • Already had an audit? Get EnergySmart for free!
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