Navigating Your Home’s Energy Upgrades

Effi is Boulder County’s expert energy advisor and is available when and where you need it. Use it to explore topics related to improving your home’s energy efficiency, health and safety, installing residential solar, buying an electric vehicle, and more. With Effi’s help, you can learn, plan, and even finance your next home energy project.


Furnaces, air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, and light bulbs make our homes comfortable, well-lit, and safe. But they use up energy and, therefore, your hard-earned money. Effi can help you identify how to more Efficiently use energy at home. LEARN MORE >


Your home, its occupants, and the natural gas and electric appliances you use creates a complex and dynamic system. How those appliances function, or not, impacts the health and safety of you and your family. Effi helps you better understand how to keep your home, and family, healthy and safe. LEARN MORE >


Solar and wind are great clean, renewable energy sources to power your home. Unlike natural gas, oil or coal, renewable energy doesn’t run out, doesn’t change our climate, and it’s free. Use Effi to explore your renewable energy options. LEARN MORE > 


EVs are low maintenance, practical, and fun to drive. They don’t produce tailpipe emissions, so they’re better for the air we breathe. Plus, there’s no gasoline to buy! Use Effi to compare costs between electric and gas-powered vehicles. LEARN MORE > 

Reap the Financial Benefits

We understand home energy efficiency upgrades can get costly. Whether you’re interested in installing a solar system or purchasing an electric vehicle, we have financing options that will help: 

  • Rebates and Incentives, which can bring your costs down immediately.
  • Boulder County-backed low-interest energy loans, which are very accessible and can spread out low monthly payments.
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